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  • Nils Frahm
    Tripping – Blu-ray

One of the world’s most sought-after live acts in picture and sound: ‘Tripping with Nils Frahm’ captures a moment of Nils' two-year ‘All Melody’ tour in 2018/2019, documenting his performances at Funkhaus Berlin's legendary Saal 1.⁠ The concert film was produced by LEITER in association with Plan B Entertainment. The film premiered in December 2020, and is now ranking in the top 25 most viewed movies on MUBI and among the highest-rated films, as voted by the viewers.

The Blu-ray disc comes in a cardboard slipcase with a 44-page photo booklet, designed by Studio Torsten Posselt. Exclusively available here and at Nils' upcoming live shows.

"The film is simultaneously intimate and grand, with shaky hand-held close-ups capturing the delicate moments of Frahm's performances..." (DJ Mag)⁠

"Watching him at work, and hearing the audience react, is little like watching an athlete at the top of his game." (LA Times)

Upcoming live dates: In June, Nils will appear at the Sydney Opera House for the world premiere performance of his new tour named 'Music For'. From September, he will be back touring all over Europe, presenting brand-new music moving between the worlds of experimental, ambient and electronica.⁠ Find all dates & tickets here.

  • Blu-ray
    50,00 €

Blu-ray, 87 minutes, HD, no subtitles
Audio options: PCM Stereo 2.0, PCM Multichannel 5.1, DTS-HD Audio 2.0, DTS-HD Audio 5.1

Blu-ray disc comes in a cardboard slipcase with 44-page photo booklet. Designed by Studio Torsten Posselt.

Songs in order of appearance:
Fundamental Values
My Friend the Forest
All Melody
Ode - Our Own Roof
Toilet Brushes